How can I learn to do that?

Marci Contortion

Film set photo of Marci by Rob Eckle and Kyle Daly

Currently, we offer group classes, special workshops, or private lessons for a range of ages and abilities online, and provide instruction and consultation in collaboration with theaters, film, universities, schools, NGOs,  dance & gymnastic studios, camps, etc.  Details and references are available upon request.

DFC Director Marci Diamond, M.P.A., AEA, SAG-AFTRA, is an experienced instructor-coach in: functional flexibility, core strength, and conditioning; basic contortion; solo and duo acrobatics; lyra (aerial hoop); solo and duo trapeze; performance development and improvement; and other circus arts. She works with each individual’s strengths, goals, and needs, nurturing a safe learning environment for serious fun, discovery, and progress.

Marci’s teacher training includes completion of the Advanced Trapeze Teacher Training at the New England Center for Circus Arts, Circus Arts Therapy Training at Carrie Heller’s Circus Arts Institute, Circus Yoga- Ring One, and prior certification as a high school teacher. She is an active participant in the American Youth Circus Organization, including the AYCO Educators’ Conferences and national and regional festivals. She often teaches with her daughter Marisa Diamond, B.F.A.,, also a professional performer and coach, who co-founded DFC.

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2 Responses to How can I learn to do that?

  1. Ellen Finn says:

    Hi may daughter is a gymnast as well as being a contortionist. I am curious about classes, summer programs or anything that you have available. She is 8 and very flexible. Thanks for any information. Ellen

  2. Andi the Web Monkey says:

    Thanks for your interest Ellen! We’ll be in touch via email.

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