We love to hear back from our audiences and students. Here are some testimonials for Marci:

“Breath-taking!” B.T., MA

“Beautiful” J.H., SC

“I really liked it too. Neat twist on contortion and clowning!!” E.R., MA

“Really amazing how multi-talented you are” P.T., MA

“I find your energy inspiring and your talent mesmorizing”  R.N., VT

“How do you do that?” A.P., MA

“Lovely performances! They were a wonderful combination of flexibility, strength and grace.” S.G., MA

“You have taught me so much not just about aerial arts but about life and how to grow as a person…anyone that has ever met you or even luckier to have trained with you [or] watched you perform are some of the luckiest people in the world” R.H., MA

“I don’t think you understand the amazing impact you have on me. You are a total role model…a wonderful aerial teacher.” L.G., MA

For Diamond Family Circus:

“I am so grateful to you both…for your flexibility, and for your intentionality & passion which so clearly were shown throughout your preparation & performance.” A.B., MA

“Thoroughly enjoyed your show! Thank you so much :)” S & J, MA

“Very enjoyable to whole family”, D.M., MA

“Great!”, S.A., MA

“The Diamond Sisters and Daughter are awesome” W.G., MA

For Marisa:

“…what a beautiful trapezist!!” E.R., MA

“Holy crapola, Batman!” H.W., MA

“wow amazing… that was beautiful i loved how it was with the music” U.B.

“lovely” I.B.


For Diamond Sisters:

” You literally add another dimension to what we do.  You guys were simply amazing.  Beautiful work plus funny too.” H.P.Z.

“I feel so privileged that you guys appeared and wanted to do this together. It was such a pleasure meeting you both and creating this together. much appreciation” J.F., MA

“I just wanted to say congratulations on your performances Friday night.  It was a great party, and you two were smoking hot!!! Three cheers and then some!” J.M., MA

Terrific show yesterday – really enjoyed it!! E.R., MA

“I love this act.” J.H., SC

“omg…amazing”, J.C.B., LA

“The Diamond Sisters are AMAZING I am so impressed” hyannis 36

“Incredible!!! You blow me away with your talent” N.E.C., MA

“More than like! Holy cow!” B.T., MA

“Like I said best trapeze act ever” D.S., MA

“The Diamond Sisters are the most interesting and unique” lovethecape

“Really lovely” A.P., MA

“You guys rock!” R.L., MA

“Gorgeous sisters” C.L., VT

“Very cool. Love it.” E.R., MA

“Great show as always loved every minute of it” R.H., MA

“The Diamond Sisters are phenomenal!!!” kat1011

“Hottt.” S.S., CT

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